Update Your Livingston Homes

If you’re definitely tired looking at the popcorn ceiling of your old Livingston homes, it’s time for a remodel. Nonetheless, behind the facade of a ceiling is a mess of plumbing, wiring, joists and structural beams, so you have to be careful and imaginative when updating your house in Livingston, NJ. Whether you’re dealing with an older house, a complicated duct system or an unfinished basement, below are numerous ceiling solutions to brighten up the space above your head.

Reviving Wood Paneling

The 70’s are rebounding. If you have a flat or slanted ceiling, wood paneling is easy to affix and can create a cozy cabin-like feel. This works well in living spaces, rooms and basements where you desire generate a warm, comfy environment.

Produce An Industrial Vibe

If you like the look of a contemporary house, then this might be the most cost-effective solution for you. If there’s an existing ceiling, eliminate it then buy a paint sprayer and coat everything other than the duct work in one dark color. Numerous converted lofts and city spaces use this technique.

Drop The Ceilings

These aren’t your moms and dad’s drop ceilings. Today’s drop ceilings come in pushed metal, compressed wood panels and various other attractive designs. They’re budget-friendly, easy to install and enable easy access to the plumbing and electrical systems.

Return To The Basics With Drywall

Whether you’re aiming to remove a popcorn surface, repairing water damages or finishing your basement, it might be sensible to decrease the cost and work involved by making using of drywall. You can buy drywall for as little as 50 cents per square foot and it’s simple to paint once installed.

Make Use Of Soffits

Ductwork and plumbing that punctured the middle of a space can be an eyesore and hard to work around. Make use of soffits to produce ceilings of different heights, called tray ceilings, or utilize them to blend unequal surfaces into edges along a wall. They’ll assist hide blockages and make it easier to cover with drywall and paint.

Do not let an unsightly ceiling get you down. Use among the options above for a captivating ceiling that will keep you looking up and enhance the value of your home at the same time.